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West Boolean exhibit at the 2014 Shanghai International Rubber Technology Exhibition
Time:2014-8-17 17:05:08

Held in Shanghai in 2014 Chinese twenty-eighth International Rubber Technology Exhibition on the West Boolean exhibited its exports to other Asian countries Chinese and polymer products.

In the exposition of Sibur showed a series have been supplied to the China market including polypropylene (PP) homopolymer products, such as used in the manufacture of BOPP- film, non-woven materials and used for injection molding of various grades of products.

Members of the management committee, Sibur based polymers Division General Manager: Sergei Komeshan

PP-H030-GP, PP-H080-GP和 PP-H120-GP。PP-H040-GP 和PP-H060-GP,PP-H030-GP, PP-H080-GP and PP-H120-GP grade with high flow stabilization formula, the best and the balance of physical and mechanical properties. PP-H040-GP and PP-H060-GP grade with moderate flow, the best formula of stabilization and balance of physical and mechanical properties. These grades can be used for injection molding and production of composite materials.

PP-H031-BF PP-H031-BF brand is characterized by standard molecular weight distribution, melt flow rate of medium, the physical and mechanical properties of equilibrium, and is recommended for manufacturing biaxially oriented film and is used for cleaning the packaging and metal polymer packing food and clothing.

Chinese is an important market for Western Boolean company. Company to China market selling a variety of products, polymer sales accounted for the West Boolean in the region above 45% of total sales. West to Chinese export Boolean PP and LDPE accounts for about 40% of total export volume of polymer. Tobolsk polymer factory new since 2013 is the world's largest polypropylene production of integrated operation, will enable the Western Boolean had the capacity to expand the scope Chinese polypropylene grade for customers.

Sergei Komeshan, Xi Boolean based polymer minister and manager, said: "the West Boolean competitive advantage is the raw material of proximity and easy to take vertical integration and inter group, let us become a reliable supplier of a lot of polypropylene, prompted us to base on the China. "

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