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The main effect of belt conveying introduction
Time:2014-8-17 17:05:12

    Conveyor belt use: belt conveyor in the bearing and rubber and fiber, carrying the role of material of metal composite products, or plastic and fabric composite products. The belt conveyor is widely used in agricultural, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation transport all kinds of solid block and powdery materials or items, can be continuous, high efficiency, large dip angle of transportation, safe operation, convenient use, easy repair, low freight rates, and can shorten the transport distance, reduce project cost, saving manpower and material resources has brought great convenience to manufacturers, people can be more convenient, less.

    Conveyor belt conveyor belt classification: there are many kinds of classification, according to use are: general purpose conveyor belt, conveyor belt, general fire-retardant and antistatic retardant conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belt conveyor belt, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant conveyor belt conveyor belt, cold resistant conveyor belt etc..

    According to the product structure classification mainly has: layered conveyor belt, conveyor belt, steel wire rope core conveyer belt, steel cable conveyor belt, tubular conveyor belt, patterned conveyor belt, conveyor belt, conveyor belt and so reducing layer.

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